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IPL-Laser Hair Removal

Perfect Every Time
My mum referred my sisters and I to Viva Chermside for some IPL treatments on the bikini area. I do a lot of swimming so this has been the best thing I could have done. After only 4 treatments, I am almost finished with my treatments and look forward to moving on to other areas next. It works VERY well. Love their spray tans too! Looks perfect every time!
Mel Duggard, Bridgeman Downs

No More Shaving or Waxing
After only 5 IPL hair removal sessions on my legs, I am happy to report that I don’t have to shave any more! After waxing for years, this is so much easier and more affordable than I thought it would be. The girls are great too. I would recommend Viva to anyone.
Sue Holley, Carseldine

Very, Very Happy
I have known Vanessa for at least 2 years as my therapist. I am very happy with her services – always with a smile, laugh and good fun! I thoroughly enjoy my visits and look forward to every one of them. I would recommend Vanessa to anybody and everybody. Very, very happy.

Incredible Results
Incredible results after only four treatments with friendly, caring and supportive staff. Would highly recommend Viva Wellness to anyone wanting permanent hair reduction.
Penny Scheenhouwer, Acupuncturist

Love the new machine
Ian Poynten, Project Manager

New Machine Works Wonders
I wanted to wait for the hair to start growing back so I could really see the difference between machines… It took ages for [it] to grow back and there was far less than before. I can say from experience that this new laser hair reduction machine works wonders! Not only is it pain free, but the results are 100% improvement compared to the old machine. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, even people with a low tolerance to pain, as the cooling sensation works a treat.
Carmen Pecci

The Difference is Phenomenal
Feedback on the new hair reduction machine –- the difference is phenomenal. Your skilled staff have been able to reduce the time of each session with the new machine, and the sensation of thousands of tiny pinpricks is a vast improvement over the old machine — which felt a bit like hundreds of little staples The new machine has been able to target and eliminate much finer hairs. I am extremely pleased with the results.
Paul Descovich

I Used to Get Ingrown Hairs
Before receiving IPL I used to get ingrown hairs in my underarm and bikini area[s], whether I shaved or waxed. Since the treatment, I have not had any more.
Rebecca, Nursing Student


I Can’t Wait For Summer!
I chose to do Endo as I needed help reducing cellulite. I found no matter how much I exercised or changed my diet, I still struggled with it. I was really self-conscious and hated wearing anything that showed my legs. After my first treatment I noticed a slight change straight away. At first it is a little uncomfortable, especially the front and side of the thighs, but after more treatments the pain settles and you start seeing more results. Looking at my legs now, I’m so happy with the changes as I have never seen my legs so smooth. I have more confidence and can’t wait for Summer!
Taliah, McDowall

Never Looked or Felt Better
With a wedding coming up, I was frantic. The team at Viva Wellness Chermside were so lovely and very supportive. They helped me get in to shape before my big day and I have never looked or felt better. You girls are more like friends to me and I would highly recommend you to anyone. See you soon!
Steph Martini, Stafford Heights

No More Swelling
I was recommended by my GP of the benefits of Lipomassage for lymphatic drainage. Due to my underactive thyroid, I carry a lot of fluid around in my body, which not only means that my clothes feel quite snug at times, but I also tend to swell in my legs and feet. I noticed a relief almost instantly. Following my 1st appointment, I slept like a baby and by the next morning, felt 110% better! I would highly recommend Lipomassage at Viva Wellness to everyone. The ladies are fantastic and really know their stuff. I have since replaced my fortnightly massage with a Lipomassage treatment and it keeps my fluid at bay.

Skin Treatments

Stretch Marks around Stomach
During pregnancy I develpoed stretch marks around the stomach. I decided to try Dermapen as a way to reduce the appearance of these marks.
The treatment/process was comfortable and I was surprised there was no pain. Within a week I could see an improvement. The skin is firmer and has lost that ‘papery’ look. Yes, it was very much worth it.
Annie, Brisbane

Hydrated Fresh Skin
I work as a cabin crew member for an airline here in Brisbane. Hours of flying really take their toll on my skin, so I pop in for a facial or skin peel once a month and the girls have recommended some fabulous products to take with me during the long trips. My skin stays hydrated and fresh and looks it’s best at all times. Thanks guys!

Pleasant and Professional
I have suffered from Rosacea all of my life. The staff at Viva Wellness have been so pleasant and professional and have helped me manage my condition. I have since found out that there are many options available to me. Thanks girls, my skin is no longer dry and “angry” any more.
Ron Colter, Brisbane

Brighter and Clearer
I’ve been coming to Viva Wellness since June. I’m a huge fan of their skin peels. My skin went from being dull, flaky and prone to blackheads. Now my skin looks and feels so much brighter and clearer. I don’t have to wear thick layers of foundation anymore and best of all, I get so many compliments which has restored my confidence. I would recommend the Viva Wellness peels to anyone.
Desley McDonough, Northlakes