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Skin Treatments


Would you like some professional advice on your skin? There are so many products and treatments available these days. A professional Skin Analysis allows you and your therapist to gain a deeper understanding of your skin’s condition. This complimentary consultation is an opportunity to tailor an effective customized treatment plan specific to your skin’s needs.

Viva Wellness clinics offer a complete range of advanced treatment options. Customized skin treatments, using a blend of clinical strength products, are designed to suit every skin type including yours. Viva Wellness only uses effective, high quality clinical products.  These include the Aspect range with ingredients selected after extensive evidence-based research. These advanced products will promote a healthy, radiant and youthful complexion. No cheap bulk products are used. Why not join the many who enjoy the benefits of a monthly treatment?

For a more intense approach, a corrective skin peels program is appropriate. The Aspect range of Clinical Peels promises to deliver visible results, with long term durability. A course of peels is highly beneficial in treating pigmentation, acne, ageing and dehydrated skin types. Consisting of the highest concentration of naturally derived botanicals, these peels are powerful enough to deliver exceptional results, without trauma and irritation.

If your skin is beginning to show some signs of sun damage and ageing, you may have uneven pigmentation, broken veins, coarse skin texture and broken veins or redness. Your skin also may have some acne scarring or fine lines and wrinkles resulting from lost elasticity. All of these conditions can be addressed with skin rejuvenation procedures.

Loose skin or fine lines and wrinkles can be addressed quickly and painlessly with the new Focus RF skin tightening treatment.  This treatment will lift sagging eyelids or drooping jawlines.  Smooth and tighten the skin on your neck.  Priced from $100 for a target area, eg eyes.

With your radiant complexion glowing with health, highlight your eyes with a customized Brow and Lash treatment. Beautifully groomed brows and dark luscious lashes will enhance your features. A brow shape and tint and lash tint procedure is quick yet the effect is dramatic.