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Vibration Training

Accelerated Fitness with Vibration Training

Whole body vibration was developed by the former Soviet space program to counter loss of muscle and bone mass in cosmonauts during space missions. Subsequent studies have established the efficacy of the technique on muscle strength and toning, improved bone density, increased secretion of hormones associated with exercise, and a reduction in stress hormones.

Poses or exercises are performed on the equipment during vibration of the platform. Muscles are activated more quickly and efficiently under the influence of vibration. This explains the alternative name of ‘Accelerated Training’. In addition, vibration training stimulates blood and lymph circulatory systems, increasing the speed of the blood flow through the body.

The upward movement of the platform effects weight training using the trainer’s own body mass, important for maintenance of bone density. Weight training for bone density maintenance is hugely important for women to prevent bone loss and fractures in their later years.

Depending on the technique and the amount of effort by the participant, a 15-minute session can be equivalent to a one hour session in the gym.

Combination Treatments

After completing each Endermologie®, Focus Ultrasound or Narl® [517] Ultrasound session, clients are encouraged to use the Vibration Training equipment. This allows the released lipids to be rapidly burnt off, aids in tissue fluid circulation and drainage and assists in bone health.

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