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Ultrasound Slimming & Cavitation


Ultrasound Slimming for Permanent Fat Removal – Lose up to 3cm in one hour.

  • Love your body? Or are you like so many others who wish they could just change……
  • Do you have stubborn areas of fat that refuse to budge, despite your new diet and
    exercise regime?
  • Do you want to know the latest European technology development which will permanently remove fat from almost any area of your body?
  • Would you be interested if you knew it was available locally, was affordable and it gave instant results?


Viva Wellness offers different technologies to address the various aspects of slimming and body contouring. Give us your ‘muffin tops’, ‘love-handles’ and wobbly bits! Where pockets of subcutaneous fat are the challenge, Focus Ultrasound Fat Removal  is the answer. Also commonly referred to as cavitation, or ‘non-surgical liposuction’, it is a novel technology that is entirely non-invasive, requiring no surgery or down time.

Regions such as the thighs, buttocks, stomach, ‘love-handles’ and arms, typically resistant to diet and exercise, can be treated successfully with this technology.

Deeper seated visceral fat is less suited to this technique. This is very successfully addressed with Narl [517] Ultrasound.

This focused ultrasound fat removal procedure is painless. A high pitched noise may be experienced during treatments.

The high frequency ultrasound causes the disruption of the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer under the skin. The cell contents are collected into the lymph and venous systems and transported to the liver. Only fat cells are vulnerable to the highly focused energy. A ten minute Endermologie session is included in the treatment to ensure mobilisation of the fat from the treatment area. This fat can then be burnt off by a period of exercise. We recommend vibration training to burn off the fat and avoid re-deposition of the fat.

Measurements are taken prior to treatment. Typically a reduction of up to 3cm from the waist can be expected after one treatment. Reductions from subsequent sessions may be less dramatic. However, the area will continue to remodel and reduce for a number of weeks following a course of treatments. Generally a course of 4-6 sessions at one week intervals are recommended.