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RF Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening

Ultrasound Lipolysis for Guaranteed Slimming

Rf Fat Reduction. Changes in weight result in more than just an increase or decrease in clothes size. Body contours and curves remodel as the pattern of fat deposition changes. Skin stretches with increase in fat or muscle mass and becomes slack with weight loss and with ageing. Reverse these changes with Rf fat reduction and skin tightening.
What would you do to have your teenage figure back?Lose the ‘tuckshop arms’
Lift the sagging buttocks
Remove the stomach droop….
Tighten the sagging jowls and rediscover your jawline.

image_rf_fatRadio Frequency Thermolysis liquifies fat in the subcutaneous layer. It is collected by the circulatory system and returned to the liver for recycling. It is available for use as an energy source or will be redeposited.

Specific areas around the face and neck which are unsuitable for treatment with high frequency ultrasound are ideal candidates for Radio Frequency Thermolysis.

Youthful definition of the jawline can be returned with Radio Frequency Thermolysis. In addition to reshaping of the jowls, the equipment will tighten slack skin and stimulate collagen production.

Loose skin following weight loss- typically around the abdomen and on the arms can be addressed. Sagging skin on the inner knee is another common area of attention.