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Fat & Cellulite | Focus LipoSculpture

Focus LipoSculpture US and RF

Reduce, smooth and contour your body with the newest and most effective technology available in Australia today.

Viva Wellness, always introducing the latest and best equipment into their Brisbane clinic, has done it again. Experience the new Focus Liposculpture, the latest non-surgical body shaping procedure to arrive in the country.

Reduce, smooth and shape your body

Reduce, smooth and shape your body

Undo years of less than perfect eating and a couch-potato lifestyle with Focus Liposculpture.

Eliminate fat cells and tighten loose skin with this revolutionary treatment.  Expect measurable results from the first session.

Smooth dimpled thighs, reduce muffin tops and lift and tighten sagging stomachs.

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Ever wonder how those Europeans promenading Mediterranean beaches maintain their svelte figures?

The French were first with the development of Endermologie body contouring techniques. Not to be outdone, UK obesity clinics have embraced Narl517 Ultrasound technology. New ultrasound and radiofrequency modalities have followed, addressing specific cosmetic concerns.

Taking a lead from our European friends, Viva Wellness has researched, trialled and developed body shaping procedures using these latest technologies.

Focus Liposculpt US & RF

Lift and tighten stomach area

So, if you are wanting to recover your former shape, or perhaps improve on what you were given, pop in and find out what Viva can do for you.

Ring the clinic to find out more on 07 3350 3669