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Children’s Weight Loss Program

Children's Weight Loss ProgramWorried about your child’s weight?

Overweight and obese children suffer from a range of physical, social and emotional health problems including high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, type 2 diabetes and low self-esteem. They can be subject to teasing or bullying at school and can show lack of confidence both inside and outside of the classroom.

The social stigma associated with being overweight can be difficult enough for adults and excruciating for children who are so much more emotionally immature. They may be very self-conscious about their body, have low self-esteem, and may be subject to bullying. Children are cruel and teasing happens every day.

Are you concerned for your child?

Studies have shown that obese children grow up to become obese adults. With 25% of Australian children classified as overweight or obese, we must address this now.

Even moderate obesity can shorten life by three years and severe obesity cut life by ten years, the equivalent of a life-time of smoking, according to recent studies. Obesity is associated with an increased chance of dying from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney, lung and liver diseases and cancer.

Are you confused about where to turn for help?

Seven Week Weight Loss Program

Recognising a need for a children’s weight loss program, Dr Lise Perry has tailored a program especially for their needs, encompassing nutrition levels in line with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

The program uses fresh food, prepared at home. There are no meal replacement shakes. The meals are satisfying and can be eaten by the whole family. There is no calorie counting, although portion sizes are controlled and some ingredients excluded for the duration of the program.

An added bonus, with the normalisation of insulin and blood sugar levels resulting from the program, you can expect your child to show improved concentration and behaviour.

Progressive weight loss over 7 weeks

Progressive weight loss over 7 weeks

What Is Involved?

Consultations with both you and your child take place at Viva Wellness every week for a period of seven weeks. This is when we set healthy targets and ensure progress is made. Weight, body fat and measurements are recorded to monitor changes.

A selection of recipes and food charts are given to you to help with meal planning. These include school lunch ideas and recipes for meals that can be on the table in 15-30 minutes. Most are simply healthier versions of family favourites.

You will be given help with meal planning and food selection during the weekly consultations. Additional support will be offered via telephone and email.

During the initial launch, a special introductory price of only $150 for the seven week program is being offered to the first 15 participants.

For inclusion in the program and for further information, please contact Dr Lise Perry on 3350 3669 or on 0410 695 385.