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Just a few kilos or do you have more of a challenge?

Just a few kilos or do you have more of a challenge?

Maria b a one monthLow energy, mood swings and poor sleep patterns are common side effects of being overweight, often leading to strong cravings for sugar foods.

Sound familiar?

Those sugar comfort foods simply add to the weight gain.

In addition to low energy and sugar cravings, many of those carrying excess weight experience digestive problems including reflux, bloating, irritable bowel as well as general aches and pains

Weight loss solutions are many and varied. How do you know where to start? Why should any program offered at Viva Wellness be any different?

Only after much research into ketogenic fat loss, published clinical trials with evidence for the efficacy of the program was Ultra Lite introduced to the clinic.

The results now speak for themselves.

Within a week of following the Ultra Lite weight loss and health management program, we find that clients experience a tremendous improvement in their feelings of well-being.

Energy levels surge, digestive issues improve, as do sleeping patterns; the reduction in snoring is very welcome!

Weight reduction between clients varies, but women can expect to lose up to 10kg in five weeks. Men can lose a couple of kilos more.

Weight loss is monitored weekly with Tanita Body Composition analysis.  Why do we do this? Because we can measure fat and muscle levels and can confirm the weight loss is due to fat loss, not muscle wastage.

If you have become frustrated by the lack of results after dieting, please ring me to find out more.

  • You should not feel that you are denying yourself treats
  • Yes, there will be some changes to the food you eat, but it is not all about going without
  • Instead, you can relish delicious meals that you are encouraged to eat while on the program.

Want to find out more?
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The professional weight loss program

The professional weight loss program

Do I have to buy packaged food or meal replacement shakes?
No, you will be eating meals that you prepare from fresh food.

Will I feel hungry or sick?
No, the meals satisfy and stop you feeling hunger pangs.

So, how much will I lose?
Women can expect to drop up to 10kg in a five week period. Men generally lose a couple of kilos more.

How much does it cost?
The five week program is priced at $575. This includes weekly consultations, manual/recipe book, some nutritional supplements to stabilise your insulin levels, flaxseed oil and apple cider vinegar.

Many health funds support the Ultra Lite program and offer a rebate

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