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IPL-Laser Hair Removal

IPL-Laser Hair Removal: The Permanent Solution to Unwanted Hair For All Skin Types

Life is busy enough without having to deal with untidy bikini lines, scratchy stubble and ingrown hairs. The quick and easy permanent solution is IPL-Laser hair removal. With the Cutera Prowave system you can expect an average 83% reduction of hair after only three treatments. The system is so sophisticated it can treat blonde hair and dark to black skin tones. Prices start at just $39 for an upper lip and $65 for a bikini line or underarms per session.
For the cheapest laser hair removal in Brisbane, book in for the ‘VIP program’ which gives you IPL-Laser hair removal to all areas you wish to have treated, as often as required for only $199/month (women) or $249/month (men). How smooth do you want to be?

Save time and money by treating both bikini and underarms together, for just $120 per session. Pay just $120 for a female Brazilian ($180 for male Brazilian hair removal) and you will never wax again! To see the rest of our great prices for IPL Laser hair removal look here.

Permanent Hair Removal That Really Works. Affordable and effective IPL-Laser hair removal treatments are available at Chermside in Brisbane’s Northside. Viva Wellness offers permanent hair removal for men and women that is faster, more effective and now even more affordable, with rock bottom prices that every guy and gal can afford.
The procedure is rapid and comfortable. Check our FAQs on IPL Laser Hair Removal for further information.Viva Wellness treats all areas of the body, using the newest and most advanced equipment available in Australia. American-made, the medical grade Cutera is more effective than other equipment and can safely treat a wider range of skin tones.
As the biggest clinic in the area, we do not cut corners or skimp on treatments. With thousands of happy clients and many years of experience, we take pride in our superior equipment and service that keeps our customers coming back and sending in their friends. Read what people have been saying about IPL Laser Permanent Hair Removal at Viva Wellness.You can say goodbye to embarrassing hair, painful waxing and bumpy in-growns. We don’t need to go into what a pain it is to shave, pluck and wax. You already know that. What you might not know is that in most cases our permanent hair removal process can eliminate existing unwanted hair for good after only 6-10 treatments.To ensure you always get the best results, check out the before and after tips for IPL Laser Hair RemovalFor more information on IPL-Laser Hair Removal, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.