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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPL-Laser Hair Removal?

  • IPL-Laser (Intense Pulsed Light Laser) is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair.
  • The technology uses bright light of specific wavelengths to permanently destroy hair follicles.
  • The procedure is progressive, requiring a minimum of six sessions for full treatment.
  • Any area of the body can be treated, other than within the eye socket.
  • The treatments are quick, safe and effective.
  • Thousands of hairs can be treated in seconds. A full back in less than 30 minutes.
  • You will see the hairs falling out within 10-20 days after treatment.

What happens during an IPL-Laser Hair Removal treatment?

  • Hair is shaved or trimmed from the area, and a cooling gel applied to the skin.
  • The hand piece is moved along the skin, emitting flashes of light.
  • The gel is removed, the skin cleaned, and a soothing post-treatment lotion applied.
  • Sun block is applied to uncovered skin.

How Does IPL-Laser work?

  • Intense and selective light is directed at Melanin, the pigment contained in the hair, which destroy the actively growing hair follicles under the skin.
  • After 10-20 days the dead hair is expelled from the skin.
  • Further treatments are required to treat subsequent hair growth cycles.

Does it hurt/what does it feel like?

  • The sensation can be described as a mild pinching or hot prickle. No numbing cream is required due to the effective cooling of the treatment head.

What IPL-Laser Equipment does Viva Wellness use?

  • At Viva Wellness, we only use the most advanced technology available. Our machine is a Cutera ProWave 770; which delivers optimum results and safety at an unrivaled treatment speed.
  • ProWave has TGA and FDA clearance.
  • Clinical trials to boast greater than 80% hair reduction 6 months after only 3 treatments.
  • The ProWave 770 infrared handpiece is neither a laser nor a traditional ‘intense pulsed light’ flashlamp, but rather a third category refining the best of both.

Is there anything I should I do prior to my IPL-Laser appointment?

  • Avoid exposing the treatment area to sunlight, and avoid sun tanning (including artificial) prior to your treatment.
  • Please shave the treatment area either the night before, or on the morning of your treatment, unless otherwise advised.

Is it safe?

  • Most certainly. The pulses of light only go so far as to reach the follicular level of the skin.
  • Our staff are clinically trained and certified in the use of not only pulse light devices, but have undergone specific Cutera ProWave training.
  • Multiple electronically programmable wavelength technology ensures that we use the appropriate settings for your skin type and comfort level.
  • As one of the most experienced clinics, Viva Wellness has been providing this service for over five years and has treated thousands of clients.

I’m a bit shy……

  • Therapists treat all clients with respect and your modesty is protected at all times. The treatment is over VERY quickly, there are no embarrassing poses to get in to and the treatment is so much easier than waxing!
  • Remember we are used to seeing bodies of all shapes and sizes.

I use spray tan, is that a problem?

  • Not at all. We can adjust the setting accordingly, to suit changes in your skin’s colouration from one day to the next. We would advise, however, that for your IPL-Laser treatment to be most effective, opt to have the spray tan after your treatment.

Is there anything else I should be aware of before commencing IPL-Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

  • It is important that you keep us up-to-date with any medical changes throughout your course of treatments i.e. if you begin taking any new medications, or if you fall or are planning to fall pregnant.

Why choose a Viva Wellness clinic?

  • Viva uses the best available equipment. All therapists are fully qualified, have advanced training certification and undergo regular refresher training.
  • The Medical Grade Cutera system is superior to standard IPL or Laser machines. It allows for a quicker, more efficient treatment, with fewer treatments required – saving you time and money.

But waxing/shaving is cheaper…

  • Is it really cheaper? How often do you shave or wax? Think about the cost — day after day, year after year… If you are spending $50 every three weeks on waxing, in twelve years you will have spent over $10,000. That is more than it would cost to remove all unwanted hair from your body — forever! And please don’t get us started on those pesky in grown hairs!

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