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Exfoliating For Smooth Skin

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Why Exfoliate?

Often we recommend you exfoliate your skin. Why do we do this? There are many reasons. Let’s look at a few:

Exfoliating before a spray tan

Want a good, even, long-lasting spray tan? A thorough exfoliation before coming in to the clinic will get rid of dead skin cells. These areas develop darker, yet flake off leaving a patchy result after a few days.

By exfoliating all over beforehand and moisturising in the days following your spray tan, you will have a glorious colour which will last a full week.

Grab an exfoliating glove or rub your skin with a sugar/olive or coconut oil mix. Have a good shower afterwards to wash off the sticky residue. You will be amazed at the difference it will make to your tan.

Once the tan starts to fade, exfoliate well once again.

Exfoliating your face for smooth make up application

The skin on your face turns over every 28 days or so. Make sure you remove the dead cells which sit on the surface, blocking pores and encouraging congestion. If your skin feels thick and rough like sandpaper, you have a build up of dead skin cells.

Make up will not sit smoothly on the skin, and will look uneven.

There are countless ways to exfoliate both at home and with in-clinic treatments. First, use a good cleanser such as Aspect’s Purastat (which we use on your skin in the clinic), Next use a granular exfoliate such as Cell-ablation, an exfoliating serum such as Exfol L, or my favourite, the Fruit Enzyme Mask. These will all remove dead skin and leave your skin fresh and smooth.

In-clinic exfoliating treatments take exfoliation to another level and boost your home treatments and include chemical peels, enzyme masks and microdermabrasion.

Exfoliating to reduce congestion and improve the health of your skin

If you are finding bumps on the skin of your upper arms, back or legs, try exfoliating with an exfoliating glove, with the sugar/oil mixture or try body brushing.

In addition to stripping off dead skin cells, dry body brushing stimulates circulation and helps to drain retained fluid. Brush up your body, starting with your feet, for a few minutes before your shower. After a few days you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin.

In-clinic treatments include microdermabrasion, perfect for your back and shoulders, and LED photo-therapy treatments where there is active infection of congested pores.

Exfoliating to reduce in grown hairs

One of the worst side effects of waxing and shaving is the resulting in grown hairs. Both the exfoliating glove and the sugar/oil treatments can help. If the in grown hairs are in a more sensitive area, try a simple mask made from natural yoghurt. The lactic acid in the yoghurt will help to gently ease away the dead skin, helping the in grown hairs to come to the skin surface.

Unfortunately neither treatments will help with in grown hairs which are growing down into the skin. If this is your problem, you still have a few options.

  • Allow the hair to grow (really?)
  • Use the best quality razor with fresh blades (to ensure hair is cut and not pulled)
  • IPL-Laser treatments to kill the hair
  • Clippers, to keep the hair short, but not shaved.


Hope that helps. Any questions, you know who to call.
Kind regards,
Lise and Vanessa
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