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Lift & Tighten Loose Skin

Latest @ VivaToday’s email is all about loose or sagging skin: How to prevent it, and what you can do to improve its elasticity. Protect yourself from UV Photoaging Rediscover your jaw line Lift a hanging stomach Tighten sagging knees

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Melasma | Pregnancy Mask | Pigmentation

  We get a lot of calls regarding the treatment of Melasma/Skin discolouration/Pregnancy mask, whatever you want to call it. Quite often our clients are pregnant and looking for safe and suitable treatments to minimise the appearance of the dark

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Skin Pigmentation and Skin Lightening

It is hardly surprising that one of the most common queries we receive in the clinic is regarding skin pigmentation. Most of us have spent too much time in the sun with unprotected skin. Damage from decades ago becomes more

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Razzle Dazzle Time

Countdown to Christmas:  4 Weeks to go Is your face weary after a year of stress and strain? – Refresh, tighten and lift your complexion with this great party prep. – Prepare for 2015 with a face fresh with hope

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