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Bone Strength | Bone Density | What Is The Big Deal?

Bone strength is governed by a number of factors including your gender, age, genetics, body weight, diet and exercise. Do you have any idea of your bone mass? Blood tests may have returned results showing a low level of vitamin D or calcium. Calcium is required for bone strength and vitamin D is needed to absorb the calcium.

As we age our bones can become weaker, due to the depletion of calcium. This makes us more vulnerable to fractures.

What can we do about low bone mass? Our bones are constantly turning over. For this reason we need to make sure we have sufficient calcium and vitamin D available. Usually supplied through a good diet, vitamin D is also available through the action of UV from sunlight on our skin. In these sun-smart days, we are receiving less vitamin D via this route.

But calcium and vitamin D are not the whole story. Weight bearing exercise is excellent to help build bone strength. The action of the long muscles, working against the bones will help them become stronger. You need to stress your muscles and bones more than you do in normal day to day living.

Good exercises include brisk walking, yoga, dancing, hiking, tennis and weight lifting. Anything that builds your muscles will help to improve the strength of your bones.

Body Composition Monitoring for Bone Strength

Body Composition Monitoring for Bone Strength

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