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About Us | Everyone Looks Better With Viva

Viva Wellness – Guilt-Free Beauty – Easy on your pocket and on the planet.

Fix Your Skin And Body without costing the earth. Look better than you ever thought possible!

You are invited to come to Viva Wellness and see how easy and affordable it is to address challenges to the appearance of your skin and body.

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Viva Wellness has recently featured on Stav & Abby’s Show on Hit105 and has been included in Nova Radio’s VIP The Bachelor Finale Party. 

Viva Wellness on Stav & Abby's Show Hit105

Viva Wellness on Stav & Abby’s Show Hit105

Viva Wellness in Nova Radio VIP goody bags

Viva Wellness in Nova Radio VIP goody bags


Using my background in scientific and medical research, I identified services that work, and also, how to use them effectively. You will see the results achieved at Viva Wellness on stretch mark reduction being shown worldwide.

Word of mouth has found us providing hair removal services to a loyal crowd of clients with darker skin tones. Previously turned away from the chain store laser clinics who cannot treat them safely, they were delighted to find the solution at Viva Wellness.

Similarly, the clinic has demonstrated how using sophisticated equipment, with good technique, can be far preferable to medical interventions such as face-lift surgery, toxin or filler injections for rejuvenating looks.

A number of TV journalists and high profile professionals seek out our clinic for these services. You will recognise these as the ones who can still crack a smile!

Alternatives to surgery for body shaping and weight loss are a large part of the clinic’s work.

Despite gyms on most street corners and weight loss products in every supermarket, excess weight and obesity continues to be a problem. Our research identified the Ultra Lite ketogenic weight loss and maintenance program as the most scientifically based and effective program. Our clients typically lose up to 10kg in a five week period.

In a nutshell, our clients achieve brilliant results, all without surgery. Why not find out how we can help you?

Helping you look better than you ever felt possible, without surgery or make-up. Ring 3350 3669 for your free consultation.