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Scars and Stretch Marks

Want To Know How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks, Acne Scarring, other Scars, Refine Skin Texture and Rejuvenate Your Skin?
Skin Needling using a  DermaPen is a minimally invasive treatment for the reduction in the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. It is a huge advance on dermal rolling. Results will be apparent within days. Improvements to stretch marks are unprecedented. Never believe someone who tells you that you cannot improve the look of stretch marks.

How does skin needling work?

Tiny steel needles create minute punctures within the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin, encouraging a “rapid repair response”. This triggers a renewal of skin cells, skin refinement and collagen stimulation.

There is no down-time. However, skin can appear pink and warm for 48 hours.

Refinement of the skin texture may develop as soon as one week following first treatment. Generally a course of clinical DermaPen treatments is recommended.

Scarring and stretch marks- A course of skin needling will dramatically improve the appearance of stretch marks. The thin puckered skin in the affected area will regain elasticity and texture. Acne scars will soften and lose definition resulting in a smoother complexion.

The rejuvenation effects result from the stimulation of collagen and elastin production by the skin following each procedure. Pore size will shrink, the skin will plump and the complexion appear fresher. The elasticity of the skin will continue to improve for twelve months after each procedure. A course of treatments at four to six week intervals will see incremental improvements.

Home use skin rollers can boost clinic treatments. These are priced at $120. Use this with an active serum to make a real difference to the quality of your skin.
Clinic treatments with a DermaPen for the treatment of stretch marks, scarring and for rejuvenation are achieving outstanding results. From the first treatment you will see a dramatic improvement. Find out more.

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Get rid of stretch marks fast

The procedure improves the skin through two mechanisms:

Shallow needling is painless and is ideal as a home DIY procedure. It is used to deliver high concentrations of biologically active serums such as Retinol serums or Extreme C20 serum through the normally highly effective skin barrier. Clinical trials suggest a 1000 fold increase in infusion of product through the skin when delivered with skin rolling. The benefits observed are due to the action of the serum.

For stimulation of collagen and the rejuvenation effects, a clinical treatment is necessary as deeper penetration is required than can be obtained with home use Dermal Rollers. When looking to treat deeper set lines, older, hardened scar tissue and stretch marks, an in-clinic approach is necessary. Paramedical Skin Needling is performed under sterile conditions, using a skin numbing agent and with a professional use Dermal Roller, DermaPen or Needling equipment.