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Mistaken For A Halloween Ghost? Get A Spray Tan

Getting the most out of your spray tan Start with a smooth and hydrated base – laser 10 days before for a silky smooth skin. Exfoliate the night before your appointment and keep your skin moisturised from head to toe

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Weight Loss Or Fat Loss?

Ok, so you put on a few kilos over the winter. As the weather warms up and the layers of clothes come off, you might be considering losing some inches. Read on to learn how to go about losing excess

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Shape Up For Summer

Wow, what a weekend. Straight into Summer with barely a heartbeat of Spring. Has your body caught up with the weather? Or do you need to shed the Winter cuddlies to emerge in your Summer gladdies? Viva Wellness is here

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Switching On Fat Burning

Recent studies in Portugal and the US have identified what triggers fat burning in the adipocytes. These results help to demonstrate the mode of action of Narl 517 Ultrasound fat reduction technology. The hormone leptin is known to regulate the

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Viva Wellness In The Media | So Exciting!

It is always exciting to be asked to contribute to media spots. These opportunities are becoming more frequent. In the last few days we have featured on both Stav & Abby’s Breakfast Show on Hit105 and in Nova Radio VIP

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Lumps, Bumps, Kilos and Inches

” But will I lose weight?” Before deciding on a body treatment plan, ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve. Do you simply wish to lose the love handles or are you hoping to slim and tone your body?

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Regain Your Health With The Ultra Lite Weight Loss And Management Program | Sarah Clark Tells Her Story

Sarah Clark knew it was time to reclaim her health and energy levels. In order to do this, she embarked on a plan that would see her lose 10kg in 7 weeks, a size she had not been for nearly

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Unlimited IPL-Laser Hair Removal

Wow! How does this work? Simply choose how smooth you want to be! As many areas as you want, as often as needed, all for the very affordable price. Ladies, pay only $199 per month, men pay $249 per month.

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Dieting makes you fat – True or False?

Are you someone who has tried dieting countless times? Do you find the weight returns even quicker than it was lost? Worse still, do you find yourself heavier than before you started your diet? This is such a common observation

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The Amazing benefits of following a ketogenic lifestyle program

How does the ketogenic lifestyle program work An informative article by Malcolm McLean, joint developer of the Ultra Lite Weight Management program. When you drastically limit your carbohydrate intake, your body can no longer rely on its main source of

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